In this Cloudways review, I’ll explore the best features and functionalities of Cloudways as a cloud hosting service. Cloud hosting services are the future and here to stay. Although they’re relatively new, there are still a lot of cloud hosting providers to choose from.

Cloudways is a great hosting service that provides users with 1-click staging for websites and 1-click deployments. It’s easy to use and has fast servers across the globe as well as numerous helpful features.

Finding the best web hosting provider can be challenging. There are numerous things to look at, such as the control panel, price, web hosting features, and reputation. In this Cloudways review, I’ll explore the best features of Cloudways.

Cloudways Overview

's performance with premium Cloud Hosting

Want the scale and power of Google or AWS Cloud, but without any technical challenges? Enter Cloudways. Cloud hosting has been one of the biggest waves in web hosting in recent times, particularly for agencies that provide WordPress hosting. Among the gigantic names to emerge from the market of contenders in offering hosting plans is Cloudways.

Cloudways offers hosted WordPress, Magento, Laravel, and Joomla web applications in the world. They offer everything from semi-managed to fully managed services for all your needs.

The company’s providing regularly appear close to the top reviews, and you would be remiss to not look at their offerings if you are interested in putting a WordPress Install to work on a cloud network. Our Cloudways review will help you answer a few of the questions you might have, whether you are a first-timer or somebody who has configured WordPress with whole the bells like Magento, WooCommerce, or other plug-ins. Here is some information about Cloudways, and we will also explore the advantages and disadvantages of the company as a cloud hosting provider.

What is Cloudways?

It is a company based in Spain, Barcelona. Established in 2012, its business is focused on cloud hosting and management, cloud computing, web hosting, and some other forms of the software as a Service. The main goal of Cloudways is to provide service that is readily scalable and highly available, and it also works very hard to make these top-end capabilities available to small and medium companies.

Cloudwayss is focused on data centers, cloud hosting, innovation, and reliable service. Providing MYSQL databases, PHP 7, SSL certificate, WordPress, LAMP stack, VestaCP, Rackspace Cloud, Full Managed Cloud Servers, Backups, GDPR compliance, and more 256-bit encryption.

Cloudways—Making the Cloud Easier

The great thing about Cloudways, and their major selling points, is that they make it simpler for people to utilize cloud hosting. Fundamentally, what they do is put their interface on the peak of a cloud instance. This lets their clients control the digital server nearly as smoothly as a conventional shared hosting system. At the peak of that, they provide managed support just like any famous shared hosting company for highly cheap rates. Yes, they add a minimal amount to the price of a cloud server, but it is truly not that much.

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Main Features 

Cloudways is a cloud-based innovative platform that offers a variety of features

Cloudways helps to create a beautiful, scalable, and inexpensive hosting environment for any software application. Cloudways are running industry-leading platforms such as Parallels, Inc. macOS™ Server, Supermicro/Dell servers, & Hyper-V 2016 containers. They offer award-winning agents, data centers, and fully managed cloud servers to ensure your business succeeds. Cloudways provide easy-to-customize frameworks for 1-click deployments and installs for over 85 applications. 

Cloudways is a business focused on providing reliable and user-friendly server web hosting services. The company started in 2012 and has over one million satisfied customers around the world. Many of the customers who have subscribed to Cloudways web hosting services are from different specializations, including web designers, photographers, musicians, e-commerce developers, and bloggers. It provides reliability and an easy to use installation process with the following features: 

Reliable and Fast Performance 

Clouways offer blazing fast servers and can easily help you achieve sub-2-sec loading time - Cloudways Review

You want to benefit from instant scaling, reduce downtime, enable continuous delivery and enjoy a beautiful customer experience. You also want your website to be blazing fast 24/7, right? The good news is that you can do all of this and much more with Cloudways.

While it’s true that I’ve so far encountered more than satisfactory performance from Cloudways servers, this is more an outcome of the infrastructure providers themselves. Any of them is bound to have their performance. It’s extremely provider-dependent.

Integrated Dashboard

Cloud hosting platforms are complex to maintain, and even more complex for clients to use. Cloudways offers an integrated dashboard that simplifies the management of WordPress and WooCommerce hosted websites. We provide enterprise-level features, made easy by our simple UI, at a fraction of the cost of traditionally managed hosting services.

This is perfect for agencies and developers or even businesses looking to manage many of their websites separately for some reason. They can provide each of their clients a choice of hosting platforms that they can manage from one point.

Cloudways unique and integrated dashboard lets you host and manage your sites with just a few clicks. The dashboard also provides users with all the tools needed for their WordPress websites, including themes, plugins, security, and backups.

Powerful Add-ons

Cloudways is an integrator. This also means that every platform can come with its firewall also CDN service. This can be extremely useful for new websites on Cloudways that is again reflective of its usefulness for every developer. It can be a one-stop-shop for them to push on to customers. Though there’s a caveat to this, and that’s the main fact that seasoned websites wanting to move Cloudways would not find that helpful. For instance, WHSR uses Cloud Flare, MaxCDN, and Scuri to benefit from moving away from those.

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Easy Scalability

One of the main benefits of Cloudways cloud hosting is that their helps plans are extremely scalable. This provides owners the true potential for extreme agility but usually needs going through the support of scales channels. How much you can scale all resources depends on which platform you prefer when you sign up with Cloudways. Every platform has its slight quirks for scaling. For instance, Digital Ocean lets upward scaling. If you need to scale down, it’s a lot more involved.

Easy for Collaboration

Cloudways platform has something it calls Teams feature, which allows you to add members to a collaborative group. This will enable you to combine members on to a project and separate their access into separate groups. For instance, you might assign members to support or a few others to have cloud console access.

Managed Security

Being a system integrator, Cloudways takes delicate care of its accounts by overseeing extreme security management. This takes a huge load off website owners who sign on with them. From one-click free SSL installation to security patches and 2FA, there’s pretty much all most websites would need here.

Free Trial

When it comes to a shift as significant as that so, Cloud Hosting forever helps you see for yourself what to be ready for. In some ways, Cloud flare is even more distinct just because of the unified dashboard, which can connect multiple Cloud platforms. This makes their free-of-cost trail even more attractive, and you do not even need a credit card to sign up for it. The trail provides you full access to entire of their features, so you will know rightly what you’re buying into if you decide to sign on with them.

Cloudways offers a free trial for server hosting. There is no credit card required or other strings attached. The website also has an extensive knowledge base and tutorials available, so you can start learning how to manage servers online quickly.

Free of cost white glove website migration 

We tried Cloudways website migration service a few months back. Our WordPress website got transferred entirely in less than two days – all I did was offer my original account information (SSH login, domain name, cPanel login, etc.). The technical support did all the work. It was a breeze procedure.

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Cloudways Pricing 

Cloudways offers flexible and transparent pricing

It offers flexible and smooth pricing plans and operates on a pay-as-you-go model. You might find the pricing slightly complicated initially, as Cloudways has multiple plans based on its 5 different partners – Linode, Digital Ocean, AWS, Vultr, and Google Cloud.

Cloudways allows you to scale up or down as needed so that you are only paying for the resources that you actually use.

Cloudways website hosting platform allows you to have full control to change the plans. These plans are developed in such a way that it is almost impossible to find hiccups while using them. No more paying for add-ons you are not using, no more upgrading plan only to find out that there is still a lot of features missing in your account. Everything that you need for a successful online business at your fingertips.

Customer support

Cloudways offers full-time live chat support to provide you quick assistance

It has full-time live chat support to provide you quick assistance. You can also request a call, send an email, check the blog, or visit the whole community forum and Cloud ways’ social platforms. It even Cloudways bots that monitor the serves and provide notifications there’s an update or any problem.



Final Verdict 

Your search for guaranteed reliable cloud hosting ends at Cloudways, the best in cloud web hosting solutions worldwide. 

Now you can know how Cloudways assist your website to grow and expand in this challenging virtual world. We have discussed the premium features that make Cloudways is a superior hosting option for SMBs. No doubt, the Cloudways is robust and powerful, but you’ve to know how to optimize the packages and premium features that it offers to achieve peak performance.

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