In this Cloudways Review, you’ll learn why Cloudways provides a perfect hosting solution for WordPress users. It is the best web hosting platform you can use, from beginner to advanced levels.

CloudWays overview

CloudWays is a company based in Malta, serving as an integration point for numerous cloud services managed from a single console. Cloudways offer a rich environment for website development and PHP application development. CloudWays has data centers located worldwide, the user will always be within a reasonable distance of one, so the quality and speed of the service you need is always premium.

Cloudways is your managed cloud hosting platform

CloudWays received mostly positive reviews due to its stability, reliability, and the overall consistency of all the services they offer. Not to mention, CloudWays has other pleasant surprises for its customers. They may not be the cheapest (just $ 2- $ 3 more) among commercial hosting companies, but they have web hosting figured out.

Cloudways is a managed cloud hosting platform that emphasizes scalability and performance with enterprise-level security and reliability. We’re here to help you get up and running in just a few clicks at one of the most competitive cloud hosting prices available at $15/month or similar. Our mission is to help businesses worldwide focus on what matters, their core business, by simplifying the complex process of managing cloud-based servers.

Cloudways is an affordable, fully-managed cloud hosting solution that ensures businesses of any size a solid foundation upon which to build their digital presence. Its platform supports cloud orchestrators and is compatible with all the world’s most significant WordPress plug-ins.

ColudWays Plans and Pricing

Cloudways offers Flexible and transparent pricing

Cloudways started the WordPress hosting revolution and are today one of the very few WordPress hosting companies that support the 1-Click installation of WordPress and WooCommerce. It also includes global servers, CloudwaysCDN to speed up your site, a free SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt for protecting your site, FREE migration service to shift your existing website to CloudWays.

One unique thing that I enjoyed about CloudWays is you may test their hosting services and get a site up and running without paying a cent upfront. It is possible to try your hosting plan for fourteen days, get your site up and running, and then choose whether you would like to utilize their services. That is a fair method, to begin with, a possible client.

Flexible Cloudways transparent pricing

Flexible Cloudways transparent pricing

They even offer some wallet-friendly pay-per-use plans. This is great and stands out from the other web hosting services because you only pay for what you use. So, if you choose to cancel your service with 10 days remaining for the month, you will only be charged for those 10 days of service. Very few hosting providers have this pricing structure, and CloudWays is definitely to be commended for it. But the gloss is dull due to the lack of domain registration, email addresses included, and not always reliable phone support.

Each user has their dedicated server hardware and their IP address. You have the option to choose a server from one of these locations. They all have SSDs for storage so that they will run at high speed. While this is good, CloudWays manages to make it even better as it offers you the option to add services from premium providers such as DigitalOcean, Google, Amazon, or Vultr.

Cloudways pricing table

Cloudways pricing table

CloudWays is compatible with almost every primary shopping cart and content management system you decide to use. You can quickly install WordPress, Joomla !, Magento, or Drupal in a few clicks, but you can also add any other PHP-based CMS you want to use.

CloudWays is unique to most hosting providers as it uses the pooled resources of multiple clustered servers. You won’t have to waste time with classic shared hosting plans to share your server resources with hundreds of other sites. Instead, you will have your own set of dedicated resources, even if you start with the cheapest plan, which is $ 5 per month. For this, you will get 20GB of storage, 1TB of premium bandwidth, 512MB of RAM, and a single-core processor.

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But it can go up to $ 765, depending on the amount of resources you need. For that kind of money, you’ll get 640GB of storage, 9TB of premium bandwidth, 64GB of RAM, and a 20-core processor. This is CloudWays’ way of saying “unleash the Kraken”! The amount of flexibility in applying resources to your website is excellent for any large or growing online business, especially if you are running it on a resource-intensive system like Magento.

Cloudways is an innovative platform offering multiple features

These are all great things, and CloudWays offers most essential features. However, they are not big problems as you can quickly get around them, but it is important to mention them. One of the drawbacks is that you don’t get any email accounts with CloudWays plans for starters, whereas almost all hosting providers offer 50-250 email accounts with most of their plans. Second, there is no domain registration option, so you have to go to another registrar like GoDaddy to buy your domains.

Performance and uptime

CloudWays has an incredibly strong cloud-based system, mainly because they have partnered with some of the industry’s best cloud providers. CloudWays boasts 99.99% uptime and upload speeds of around 400-600 milliseconds like other cloud hosting services. Its load times are 40% -50% better than what you would get from a regular hosting service, proving that cloud systems are the way of the future.

CloudWays Features

CloudWays offers a variety of Features

Server monitoring: One of the most useful features of CloudWays is server monitoring. You can view variables such as idle CPU, incoming traffic, and reads per second through a drop-down menu. You can also see a graph showing your load on the cloud server.

Free site migrations: Having someone to move your existing site to a reliable cloud service is always great. Not to mention, it’s easy on your wallet and takes the weight off your shoulders. BlueHost requires $ 150 for the same service.

Daily Backups and One-Click Recovery: Because your data is not just stored on a single hard drive but an entire network, recovery is incredibly simple. There is no backup feature that you have to pay for as it is done automatically every day, and you can get your website back with just one click.

Notifications via chat programs: You can configure CloudWays’ to send you a message on Slack, HipChat, email, and other services. For example, if your website cannot be accessed for more than a minute, you will receive a message indicating this. It will also notify you if you have to install an update, it has a recommendation for you, and it will also answer any support questions you may have.

Great Features for Developers: CloudWays offers an excellent environment for developers to test and coordinate their work. They can configure the deployment from their Git repository, and they can also deploy unlimited applications. To facilitate any scripting operations, developers can use the RESTful API. Cloudways offers a built-in staging mechanism allowing developers to move their new code to a test environment.

Automatic Backups: You can set up automatic cloud server image backups and restore your site with one click. The server will back up every day, two days, every week, or any other period you set. It’s a great giveaway, as many other companies charge $ 2- $ 20 per month to back up your site regularly.

Vertical scale: Vertical scale allows you to add or remove server resources at any time, depending on your needs. If your website is experiencing a significant traffic increase at a specific period, you can always update your plan accordingly. The “pay-as-you-go” pricing structure allows you to pay only for what you use, so you don’t have to pay more for resources that you won’t use later.

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CloudWays customer service

Cloudways offers top of class support services

CloudWays is a managed cloud hosting service that lets you launch your application on the top-tier enterprise cloud providers. CloudWays keeps applications running at peak performance, eliminates downtime and costs, and allows you to focus on what matters most – creating great applications.

Customer service offers the same possibilities as any other company. It is possible to reach support by submitting your ticket through live chat, email, or telephone. If you want a quick response, you can ask the CloudWays Bot for help. But if you’re willing to wait a bit if need be, you can also reach out to their 24/7/365 support team. You can immediately communicate with someone through online chat. CloudWays stays committed to keeping the time you have to wait below 5 minutes. His equipment is also quite efficient and reliable. They have provided us with accurate information on the difference between basic cloud hosting and your WordPress hosting plan.

This Managed Cloud Hosting platform enables users to build, launch and manage high-performance WordPress websites using the best possible web hosting environment. We empower website owners with top-notch performance and flexibility by using Amazon Web Services (AWS) infrastructure. Whether you have a personal blog or an eCommerce store, we offer simple, affordable cloud hosting solutions for WordPress websites.

Powerful managed WordPress hosting

Cloudways is the most potent and affordable managed WordPress hosting platform. It has cloud Hosting bundled with WordPress Optimized hosting APIs for seamless integrations, including WP Engine, Amazon S3, Rackspace, and much more. It provides affordable, fully managed cloud VPS hosting plans with additional benefits like daily server backups, easy to use drag and drop interfaces, a full customer support ticket and response system, multiple data center locations, 24/7 server monitoring, direct access to the Linode dashboard, and a lot more. With Linode powering the infrastructure, Cloudways can offer very competitive prices for the cloud VPS packages.

Pros and cons of CloudWays

I’m thrilled to have discovered a web hosting company that delivers all these unique services accurately. CloudWays has given us lots of reasons to use their services or even try them at no cost. Hence, the benefits far outweigh the downsides of the service.

The Pros: Why Should You Choose CloudWays?

A Completely Free Trial Period: The ability to get your website up and running without even paying a penny and see how well the service works for a few weeks is truly unique. Few companies present such a positive gesture.

No Limits: CloudWays does not impose limits on the number of websites you can install, whereas most other hosting providers do. Even if you pay double money (around $ 10) for your hosting service like you would on CloudWays. Here you only pay for the resources you use, and you can do it with the freedom you want. You can always update your hosting with additional resources as you go.

Pay-as-you-go pricing system: It’s amazing to finally see a company that isn’t just about getting money from you for nothing. While other companies make you pay for dummy services or services that should otherwise be free, you will only pay for what you use on CloudWays. It’s a fair and highly professional service that comes with numerous useful features. On top of that it also offers vertical scaling option making the pricing fully customizable based on your needs.

Cloudways is known for providing customized cloud solutions to users as a web hosting and cloud computing technology company. Their products are backed by knowledgeable support staff who can assist customers with the setup, configuration, and management. Users can link their sites to their cloud computing server, making it easier for developers to use HTML5 to manage their apps or websites. They offer several different options for hosting, including WordPress specific plans.

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Cloudways offers the option of vertical scaling

Lighting Fast

The cloud infrastructure is designed to give you the fastest website performance possible. We combine high-bandwidth SSD storage with a blazing fast HTTP/2 server and an auto-scaling platform to allow your sites to burst as needed. Replicated volumes back cloudy’s global clusters, and the automated network ensures that your traffic doesn’t have to travel far. We’ll even automatically deploy new versions of your stack as they are available, and the fully managed infrastructure allows you to forget all about servers and focus on your business.

Control systems and applications

Easy to install content management systems and applications: Although this has been a standard for many years, it is essential to mention it. CloudWays makes it easy to install any CMS or PHP based system. There are also many app integrations that you can use.

Cloudways offers a variety of add on features

Free Automatic Updates: CloudWays offers the wonders of cloud hosting for free. You have the option to configure your server to backup daily, weekly, or whenever you want. As soon as you’ve your backups set up and something goes wrong, it only requires a single click to get your site back, which can be impressive.

Free Site Migration: It’s rare to see a company asking you to pay for a site migration these days, but there are a few. CloudWays does not cross that line, and they will gladly dedicate one of their experts to you for a few hours and have you migrate your website to their servers in the cloud.

The Cons: Why Avoid CloudWays

No cPanel: CloudWays offers its console to help you manage your applications and everything else that you host on your servers. It’s not too tricky to get used to. However, someone might argue that cPanel is much more comprehensive.

It requires some knowledge to use: Using cloud hosting takes a degree of expertise to use, since you’ll have to manage an entire virtual server. If you don’t like technical details so much and don’t like learning them, it’s much better to choose a managed WordPress hosting.

No email accounts or domain registrations: Unfortunately, CloudWays doesn’t offer one of the most basic services of a hosting company. These are the ability to register domain names and have numerous email accounts. You will have to go to a separate domain registrar like GoDaddy or Namecheap to get a domain name for your site.


Web Hosting at Cloudways is a complete solution to all kinds of issues. It is one of the top web hosting service providers globally and has been recognized for its impeccable performance and affordable packages. Cloud Hosting is a technology developed to help companies save the money spent on purchasing expensive hardware and software. Cloud Hosting offers better support than traditional hosting solutions in a cost-effective manner.

Cloudways offers the best cloud hosting options in a single solution. It provides all the necessary resources to start a host: latest PHP, the latest version of MySQL, latest Apache server, Linux operating system, root SSH access as well as 99.99% uptime guarantee and 24/7 support at the lowest prices possible!

Is CloudWays your way of hosting a website? I would definitely recommend it, wholeheartedly. While it does take some experience to use their cloud hosting service, it offers reasonable price plans and exceptional performance. Those who wish to skip any tinkering with the technology should go to HostGator or InMotion, and other reputable companies that provide excellent managed WordPress hosting. Other than that, CloudWays is an excellent option for hosting your website.

Start Your Free Trial in Cloudways and decide for yourself!