Cloudways Overview

Cloudways provides managed hosting solutions for websites developed with the hugely popular WordPress open source site builder application. Unlike other kinds of hosting, websites are saved on cloud servers, allowing multiple copies of your site content to be reproduced throughout the information center you select.

Cloudways takes internet hosting seriously and strives to give clients the best when it concerns Speed, Safety, and Service.

Cloudways hosting plans also come packed with useful and essential features that anybody at any skill level can use.

Cloud Hosting

How to Choose the Ideal Cloud Hosting for Your Needs?

The same holds to pick the ideal cloud hosting system. Apart from checking out any other hosting reviews, a few of which you may see in the internet hosting section, you need to have a look at each of the attributes yourself via a trial. This permits you to know whether the platform matches your specific needs.

Cloudways have become the most trusted managed cloud hosting supplier based on our uptime and rate evaluation.

Secondly, cloud hosting provides simple scalability. Should you see traffic spikes or other surges in source use, you may frequently scale quickly. This helps make sure your website stays online even once you have more traffic than usual.

Constructed for programmers, Cloudways is famous for exceptionally scalable, controlled cloud hosting. With excellent customer care, you can get complete tutorials and documentation.

As its name implies, all their solutions are predicated on highly scalable, controlled cloud hosting, which may be deployed quickly and easily.

What sets apart Cloudways Over Conventional Hosting Services?

Essential Features of Cloudways

Though hosting solution differs from hosting provider plans available now, rest assured you can use it with some other favorite content management system (CMS) like WordPress, Joomla, Magento, and Hotmail with just a few clicks.

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As a WordPress hosting provider, Cloudways will take good care of everything your WordPress website wants, including copies, https redirects, SSL installments, and also an assortment of different tasks that frequently prove tricky for inexperienced website owners.

But, not all of Cloudways servers will be the same. In reality, many different server options are using varying quantities of memory, bandwidth, memory, and processing capacity.

Irrespective of which WordPress hosting package you choose, you will Have the Ability to benefit from these great features:

Free Website Migrations

If you are switching to Cloudways from another hosting service, then Cloudways will migrate your website over to their own servers for you at no cost.

Very Speedy Server Speeds

Quick loading times are significant for every single site. Still, they are especially important for eCommerce websites in which an additional moment of wait time may mean the difference between a sale and a lost client.

Dedicated Firewall

Luckily, Cloudways can consistently thwart attacks on its servers and protect their clients’ WordPress websites by using a dedicated firewall.

SSL Encryption

Cloudways also uses a built-in Let’s Encrypt SSL attribute, enabling you to incorporate SSL encryption to your website for free and make a secure link for your website visitors and clients.

Two-Factor Authentication

Besides a dedicated firewall and SSL encryption, Cloudways uses two-factor authentication too to provide an extra layer of protection against malicious hackers.

One-Click Program and Plugin Setup

There is nothing worse than jumping through hoops and spending 15 minutes to set up a WordPress program or plugin. With a one-click program and plugin setup, you do not need to do anything with Cloudways.

One-Click Setup

Not only are you able to install plugins and apps using the click of a button, but you can also set up new WordPress sites in your Cloudways server using a single click too.

As you can see below, it’s just a click of a button to set up the WordPress application on your own server manually.


Using Cloudways’ staging, it is possible to test any modifications to your website and be sure they look great and function properly before taking the changes “live” and placing them into actions.

In a similar vein, you might also clone websites and make several copies, which can be useful for backing up your website, altering servers, and showcasing your own website to present and possible customers.

Advanced Caching

Furthermore, Cloudways uses several caching mechanisms for optimum server optimization. One of them is that their proprietary caching plugin called “Breeze,” which supports Cloudways CDN, the hosting provider’s own content delivery system. Other popular caching plugins like Varnish and Redis may also be utilized. However, Cloudways recommends simply using these rather than equally.

Vertical Scaling

In case your visitors keep growing, and you have to upgrade your server, you may use the “Vertical Scaling” work to do precisely that. Found under the”Server Management” tab, Vertical Scaling will permit you to increase or reduce server hosting and resources programs with only a couple of clicks.

24/7 Support

As you’ll see in many Cloudways reviews, the handled WordPress hosting provider supplies from the customer care section too. Not only can they provide 24/7 live chat service, but you could also send an email, ask a telephone, see the community forum, check out the site and knowledgebase, also have a gander in the organization’s social websites pages to locate the answers to some questions that you may have.

The chat is always lightning-fast and very effective, resolving an outstanding 99% of the problems.

First Pick Your Cloud Provider

Before configuring your server, you first have to pick a cloud hosting provider in the Cloudways control panel. 

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Cloudways functions with five of the leading cloud providers:

The basic plans under DigitalOcean, Linode, or Vultr are sufficient for starters. If you are a heavy user that needs more server power, you can get a AWS or a Google Cloud server.

If you are new to handled cloud hosting, then a cloud hosting provider is primarily another hosting company that provides the server infrastructure to managed hosting providers like Cloudways. 

If you wish to try out Cloudways, then make the most of this free trial. It’s brief, but you can build any server to test Cloudways’s attributes quickly without providing your credit card information.

After selecting your own cloud provider, you can configure your server using the slider at the cPanel to pick your estimated number of monthly page views. Cloudways will subsequently recommend a host with the ideal number of funds for your particular WordPress hosting demands.

If you are more experienced, you could manually place your host specifications by choosing how many heart processors and how much RAMstorage, and bandwidth you want.

As you play with the host configurations, Cloudways displays the purchase price of every choice, so you understand just what you’re going to be paying for.

When you have completed the above, you will then be asked to select where you want your server to be located.

The”pay-as-you-go” policy offers you the freedom to include exactly what you want and prevent locking yourself into expensive plans which may run annually or longer. Even better, if you want to update, you may easily do this with Cloudways’ Vertical Scaling.

The business will also refund unused funds in the event the appeal is made within 3 months.

Clarifications about what Cloudways offers

Does Cloudways service email?

Cloudways doesn’t offer email hosting straight, but they’ve partnered with Rackspace that provides it for as low as $1/email/month instead of $2/email/month (Rackspace pricing).

Can I get support to migrate my Website To Cloudways?

Yes, Cloudways delivers a free website migration support when transferring your site to its cloud platform for the very first time. Any other migrations can incur a commission based on the sort of program your site is operating.

Can I migrate my current site to Cloudways hosting?

Yes, the staff at Cloudways can enable you to migrate your current website at no cost.

Can Cloudways provide free migration?

Yes. You can get one website free migration per strategy. For any extra migration, you want to pay an excess fee. You can get up to 5 migrations from Cloudways through Black Friday/Cyber Monday earnings.

Where are the datacenters located?

62 data centers are located in 15 states and 33 cities.

Where’s Cloudways based?

Cloudways is registered in Malta. However, it provides services to its clients from Barcelona, Dubai, and Karachi. 

Is Cloudways a middleman?

In a sense, yes. Their hosting is indicated up roughly 200% since it is managed hosting. In case you have sufficient time to configure and maintain your server, you can purchase straight from the cloud hosting supplier.

Can I use the Cloudflare CDN rather than Cloudways?

Cloudways provides easy step-by-step directions about how to perform this.Cloudflare has a community of 152 datacenters worldwide.

How can the pay-as-you-go system operate?

Cloudways bill based on earlier usage; for instance, the invoice you get from the first week of September will comprise charges according to August’s use. They don’t ask that you pay upfront for future use. It’s possible to update server tools to meet traffic demands at any moment throughout the Click&Go console. Nevertheless, with DigitalOcean, it is not feasible to scale down due to constraints imposed by the supplier.

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Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

When you have configured your cloud server, after that, you can install WordPress. To do so, visit the “Application Management” tab and then choose among the next WordPress applications:

Standard WordPress

Irrespective of which setup you choose, you will benefit in the pre-installed and configured W3 Total Cache plugin to get optimal site speed and functionality.

From the Cloudways management panel, you will get a lot of settings and features prepared for tweaking under the”Server Control” tab.


Besides a dedicated firewall and the total secure character of cloud hosting, the safety feature lets you maintain a log of “whitelisting” IP addresses that you use to get your server.


The capability to keep an eye on your server is just one of Cloudways’ most remarkable skills. Inside this part, you can see a chart to easily track your server tools and the number of these you are using. It is possible to track up to 15 factors, including disk space, incoming visitors, notes a second, Idle CPU, and much more.


It is also possible to set automatic backups each day, every two days, every three days, etc. for as much as a week. You may also manually copy your website with the click of a button when you desire.

There is nothing worse than shelling out to get an add, obtaining a surge of visitors, and getting your website crash as it can not handle numerous visitors. Together with the”Vertical Scaling” attribute, you can correct your cloud server tools as required with a simple click or two. It is a fantastic feature, and on top of that, you just pay for the tools you use.

Cloudways supply several different features too.

Easy Installation

Cloudways is quite simple to use. Building sites and incorporating programs are complete with only a couple of clicks. WordPress, WooCommerce, Magento, along with other programs, may be automatically installed. In case you’ve got an old website, Cloudways can help you migrate via the custom plug in.

Additionally, there is a”WordPress Migrator” tool and additional tools to restore backups, install free SSL certificates, incorporate GIT, and execute other valuable purposes.


Cloudways supplies a wide-range of all e-commerce attributes designed to make purchasing online as simple as possible.

Presently hosting 10,000+ e-commerce shops, the WordPress host provides 100 percent reliability and lightning-fast page loading speeds, which can be just two things online shop owners want above all else.

Cloudways supports many popular eCommerce platforms, such as WooCommerce, Magento, and Prestashop.


Load WooCommerce Stores in 249ms!

WooCommerce is a favorite e-commerce platform. With a simple setup, Cloudways makes installing WooCommerce simple as may be. Meanwhile, its e-commerce hosting plans include free website migrations, searchable host scaling, WP-CLI service, and several additional helpful tools such as WooCommerce and e-commerce as a whole.


Speed Up Your Magento Store by 300%

Similar to WooCommerce, Cloudways provides a one-click Magento setup to streamline the process entirely. With a multi-SSL structure, built-in SSH, and other fantastic attributes, the hosting provider is optimized for electricity super-fast Magento shops for smoother performance and higher conversions.

Bottom Line

Cloudway’s pricing policy offers you great flexibility so that you can pick the best program that meets your needs. The”pay-as-you-go” model makes Cloudways perfect for users and businesses that have a restricted budget for hosting their own sites. 

The customized control panel of Cloudways makes things simple for users that are not familiar with command lines and therefore are entirely new to site-building.

In general, Cloudways is among the cloud-based hosting businesses, balancing between multiple features and affordability. By partnering with five of the greatest cloud providers on the market, Cloudways delivers cloud-based hosting solutions built for speed, functionality, and dependability. 

In case you are not sure if Cloudways is for you, there is always the free three-day trial to check it out for yourself.

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