Kinsta Overview

This review will try to clarify exactly the different features Kinsta Web Hosting Services offer. 

Are you seeking the fastest WordPress hosting company? 

Do you want someone to take good care of maintaining your WordPress site protected and backed up?

If that’s the case, Kinsta will probably be the runner of the managed WordPress Web Hosting services you are looking for. 

We also show the loading times of our evaluation WordPress sites hosted by Kinsta. In addition to this, we also discuss how those loading times are changed when multiple people get the websites at precisely the same time in our consumer simulation evaluations. 

The information in this review can allow you to make an educated choice if Kinsta would be the very best for your needs.

If you’re trying to find the ideal WordPress hosting company or are simply interested in figuring out exactly what superior web hosts like Kinsta need to provide, have a look at this review.

Let us dive in

Since 2013, Kinsta is working to develop in the hosting provider of your choice to WordPress users that are ready to look beyond advertising campaigns and reduce costs to discover a quick and safe home.

The $30-per-month Kinsta’s entry program is not priced competitive compared to other managed WordPress hosting solutions. Kinsta does not offer low cost managed web hosting services.

This implies that Kinsta not only looks after some facets of handling a WordPress site for you but they also host your website in an optimized environment for WordPress sites.

As a result, tasks like securing, caching, and backing up your WordPress site are fully managed and completely removed from your hands. This saves time and lessens the probability of something going wrong if you are not an experienced WordPress user.

With Kinsta managed WordPress hosting, you can expect quicker website loading times, less downtime, and fewer functionality issues than generic internet hosting.

Additionally, as Kinsta simply provides hosting for WordPress sites, all of the service staff are highly proficient at assisting WordPress users. They are experts at resolving problems associated with the program. 

Even though there are currently many companies offering handled WordPress hosting, as we will explore in this review, Kinsta has a few differences in other hosts operating within this area.

If you want speedy loading times, fewer site management jobs to look after, and less downtime to be concerned about, Kinsta could be the ideal hosting company. Let us check out precisely what you get when you register.

Google Cloud Platform

The primary thing which distinguishes Kinsta from many other handled WordPress hosting providers would be the utilization of this Google Cloud Platform.

Being a Google Cloud Platform partner enables Kinsta to host your site on state-of-the-art infrastructure and the option of 21 international server places — and much more to come (Hong Kong and Switzerland are coming). The highly scalable components of this Google Cloud Platform ensure that your site always has access to the tools it has to provide a smooth user experience. For instance, if your site goes viral, automated scaling ensures that your website can deal with any loopholes in traffic.

Backup Features

As previously mentioned, automatic daily WordPress site backups are a part of the service offered at Kinsta. Automated backups are stored for at least 14 times on the entry plans, and more on the higher plans. Restoring backups is simple, with the choice of applying them to a live website or test environment.

Also, daily backups, you can update to six-hour and hourly copies for an additional monthly fee. You could also manually create whole site backups in the touch of a button if required. Besides, you have the choice of downloading those copies for safekeeping.

All of the Kinsta hosting plans include access to some staging site where you could try new plugins, site customizations, and code edits, even before pushing them to a live website in only one click.

Programmers should also enjoy the ability to change between different PHP versions, simple restarting of the PHP engine, and accessibility into the New Relic PHP tracking tool. There is also a search-and-replace quality available from the Kinsta dashboard for making modifications to the contents of your WordPress site database.

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Site speed, uptime, and performance evaluation

Site caching: 

Four kinds of caching set up, such as server-level caching and an on-site WordPress caching plugin.


Being Used on the servers as well as the CDN.

Server document supervisor: 

No internet file manager; simply FTP access into the server area.

Database access: 

phpMyAdmin can be utilized to get the WordPress site database through a browser.

Email support: 

No email support on some of those Kinsta programs; G Suite will be the recommended alternative.

WordPress site management: 

Capability to upgrade plugins throughout My Kinsta account dash, but no automated plugins or WordPress center software upgrades.

Plugin limitations: 

There is a record of prohibited plugins, such as a few caching, security, and plugins, which could influence website functionality.

Safety measures: 

Plenty of steps are in place to maintain your websites secure, such as GeoIP obstructing, DDoS scanning, proactively stopping malicious code entering the system, self-healing PHP, GCP anti-virus, and more.

Post-hack services: 

if your website is hacked while hosted by Kinsta, they will mend it at no cost.

Data center locations: 

21 server places to pick from, including choices in Australia and South America, in addition to multiple places in the united states, Europe and Asia.

Espresso websites: 

All programs include access to some staging site with straightforward setup into the live website.

WordPress site migration: 

Accessible at no cost on all hosting plans.

Visitor Information: 

View information on your site traffic via My Kinsta dashboard.

Uptime tests: 

The status of your website is assessed every five minutes to enable the support staff to react to some cases of downtime, which are detected.

Support stations: 

A 24/7 live chat station and ticketing system, but no phone support.

You may find more info about the attributes page of this Kinsta site.

Account Management

If it comes to handling your accounts, Kinsta has generated its very own customized dashboard. My Kinsta portal site is quite simple to navigate and lets you execute tasks like creating new WordPress sites, upgrading any plugins you have installed on your website, and managing copies.

You can view resource use stats to find out just how much of your strategy allocation you have consumed, and view website visitor analytics throughout the dashboard.

As soon as you’ve signed up using Kinsta, you can log into the customized control panel and make a WordPress site. The process is quite simple, and in only a couple of clicks, you will have a fresh new WordPress installation setup and ready to go.

If you are hosting multiple websites with Kinsta via one account, these sites can be handled precisely on the same dashboard.

24/7 Live Support

When you’ve logged into your Kinsta account dash, you might contact the service team through the live 24/7 chat services. Although Kinsta does not provide phone assistance, it is possible to submit a ticket or use the messenger to achieve the help desk.

As stated before in this Kinsta review, among the primary reason to select premium handled WordPress hosting would be your faster site loading times, you may anticipate. But with so many hosting companies today offering WordPress-optimized providers, only picking a strategy promoted as handled WordPress hosting does not guarantee remarkable website speed.

Website Benchmarking

To enable you to choose if Kinsta delivers the functionalities you’re searching for; we have completed a few tests. These revealed how quickly a WordPress website loaded, how much downtime occurred over a specified period, and how carefully multiple simultaneous traffic was managed.

To have a clearer idea about what type of loading times you may count on from Kinsta, we analyzed the speed of a website using a lightweight theme set up and a website employing a feature multipurpose theme. The loading times were listed at 30-minute spans over a specified period, using the Pingdom tracking service.

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With the webpage loading in under one-third of a second, the results revealed the test site utilizing the lightweight Twenty Seventeen theme loaded promptly. Compared with the results in our evaluation of this entry-level Bluehost and HostGator shared hosting plans, Kinsta was substantially quicker (although even more costly).

Nonetheless, in the event you intend to use a more feature-rich WordPress theme, let us see how Kinsta performs compared to a more heavyweight alternative.

Avada is among the hottest WordPress themes available now. This theme is used to make just about any sort of site, but it also comes packed with features. But as a result of high levels of performance provided by this kind of theme, sites utilizing Avada and other similar multipurpose themes generally have larger file sizes, which lead to slower loading times — especially using cheap non shared hosting.

To discover how competent the Kinsta premium handled WordPress hosting was at managing multipurpose topics, we found Avada on our WordPress evaluation website and imported among its official website demos. The loading times were recorded every 30 minutes for seven days, but this time, since the Avada motif was used, the file size of this page being analyzed was considerably bigger.

The Avada Agency demo homepage is full of 1.25 seconds since the file size has been considerably bigger than the Twenty Seventeen theme homepage, weighing in at large size of 5.14 MB, compared with all the lightweight themes file size of 265 KB.

As your site homepage might not incorporate all the qualities of this Avada Agency demonstration, like a multimedia slider, a portfolio gallery, animations, and big image files, we tested the webpage loading times of a much more fundamental site article created using this theme.

In any case, Kinsta delivered satisfactory loading times using an Avada theme packed with resource-hungry features and widgets. For instance, it is possible to see just how much longer the same subject took to load together with the managed WordPress hosting service out of Envato from our review.

Speedy Web Hosting

Kinsta is a speedy web host. As you can see in the evaluation results, your selection of themes will determine how quickly your website loads — using all the lightweight Twenty Seventeen motif loading considerably quicker than the feature-rich Avada motif.

If you’re planning on using a theme that is a little more exciting than Twenty Seventeen, but you aren’t likely to utilize the action-packed demos of this Avada motif without making any alterations, you will probably encounter loading times somewhere between both outcomes which were recorded. The Avada demos are intended to showcase the abilities of the subject rather than signify something which most individuals will utilize as-is.

For those evaluations, the Kinsta data center in Oregon has been selected, together with the closest Pingdom server place, which had been in San Jose. Both of these places are somewhat near one another, so people accessing your site from farther away might experience longer page loading times.

Aside from the caching utilized by Kinsta, nothing else has been done to maximize the test websites. Hence, you might be able to improve your WordPress site’s speed with picture and database optimization, compress motif documents, and execute other jobs to deliver quicker loading times.

In addition to tracking the page load times within a seven-day interval, we also analyzed how well the site performed below a load. With this evaluation, the Load Effect service has been utilized to simulate multiple users accessing the Kinsta-hosted WordPress site at precisely the same time.

Beginning with only one user accessing the website, added digital users (represented by the blue line on the chart below) started accessing the website at regular intervals within ten minutes before 250 virtual users were accessing the website simultaneously. The loading times of this site were listed by the service in this ten-minute testing interval to learn what affect the rising number of simultaneous traffic had on the functioning of the website.

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The chart above shows that the loading times of this website (represented by the green line) stayed constant, even if 250 virtual customers were accessing the website at precisely the same time. You may watch the results of the evaluation for yourself on the Load Effect site.

If you look at the Load Effect Performance Testing part of our Bluehost, GoDaddy and HostGator contrast, you will observe that the low-cost shared programs out of those three servers all suffered from performance problems before 50 virtual users were getting the website simultaneously.

Another reason to choose premium managed WordPress hosting over more affordable and lower performance choices is minimizing the periods your site is down or inaccessible. A number of these best value entry-level shared servers provide 99.9 percent levels of uptime, and, although this seems unbelievable, within a year, it proved to be more than eight hours of downtime.

But during our evaluations, Pingdom listed an astonishing uptime of 100 percent on a specified period.

So, though Kinsta does not promise 100% uptime, we did not experience any downtime during our evaluation period.

Pricing Plans

That covers our testing of this Kinsta handled WordPress hosting agency. Let’s look at how much you’ve got to pay to host your site with Kinsta.

Kinsta offers the Starter and Pro plans, along with four Company plans and 2 Enterprise programs. Listed below are their primary particulars :


$30 a month for just one WordPress setup, 20,000 visits, and 10 GB disk space.

Business programs

Beginning from $100 a month for three WordPress supports, 100,000 visits, and 30 GB disk space.

Paying annually gets you two weeks, and all programs include a free Let’s Encrypt SSL certification, in addition to CDN access. There is also a 30-day money-back warranty on all plans, which means that you may attempt Kinsta without financial risk.

This implies updating only raises the number of WordPress setups enabled, and the storage and visits allowances, instead of improving site performance, as is true with other internet hosts.

The fees are immediately applied to your accounts, and your site is stored online. Nonetheless, in the instance of precisely what Kinsta term excessive overages, they reserve the right to temporarily restrict access to a site until the problem was solved.

It is possible to watch the full details about the Kinsta programs page.

Bottom Line

As you can see, Kinsta offers quick, managed WordPress hosting with exceptional uptime levels and the ability to deal with multiple visitors at precisely the same time.

You also get access to some genuinely rewarding features, such as automatic site backups, security tracking, and easy-to-use staging surroundings. The service team is very helpful and very responsive through 24/7 live chat services.

Even though the Kinsta pricing is based on other managed WordPress hosting providers, it is not economical than hosting. Nonetheless, in most places, Kinsta is a considerable step up from cheap hosting.

Thus, if you’re trying to find a quicker and much more reliable host to your WordPress site, or when you would like to start your new website on handled WordPress hosting, Kinsta comes highly recommended.

If you are still unsure, as a result of this 30-day money-back guarantee, you can always join and migrate your website to the staging environment. You may then see how fast your website loads, together with the choice of obtaining a refund if you are displeased with the outcomes.

Here are the most important things to know about Kinsta Web Hosting before signing up.

Why Shoud I Use Kinsta?

Kinsta offers “managed WordPress hosting + simplicity of use” as a combo.

Kinsta delivers an exceptionally premium managed service. It does not use the conventional cPanel admin for handling your hosting accounts. Instead, it offers their very own customized solution, which is a lot simpler to work with and provides you direct details/metrics.

The perfect option for a completely managed WordPress hosting system.