SuiteDash All In One

All your business software needs in a Single Fully integrated cloud-based platform.

You are using heaps of one-trick tools to discuss things with customers, invoice for time, produce forms, and… mechanically like Britney Spears’s tweets? (Wait, why do you have that previous instrument? )

There goes your day.

What you need is an all-round platform that will take care of all of your business requirements, from customer portals to job management to invoicing.

Access customer portals, document exchange, job management, invoicing, and much more from 1 platform

Alternative to: vCita, Bitrix24

Get built-in information sharing and activity automation using interconnected tools for a smooth experience.

Best for Software-juggling sales sections and merchandise managers Searching for Simple cooperation with customers and staff members

SuiteDash is an all-in-one software solution that unites the most frequent small business tools into a pre-integrated, white-label ready stage.

SuiteDash enables you to build completely customizable customer portal sites for simple collaboration. It is white-label friendly, therefore brand off.

Each customer only has access to their particular info, and you’ll be able to post files and files to allow them to download or view.

Adding contacts to the portal site could be carried out manually or using a majority import and an embedded type to draw new leads.

The Client Circles attribute lets you auto-assign permissions to any page or file, so only customers in a specific predetermined group will get access.

Customize customer portals and put in your branding using white-labeling!

Keep everything under management using SuiteDash’s extensive project management attributes.

You can construct project templates and jobs from the order they ought to get achieved, permitting you to zoom through job production when maintaining your priorities straight.

Your documents are also coordinated by an insulated arrangement, which means you will not be running around a massive folder for a lost picture like Velma searching for her eyeglasses.

The Private Project Files feature enables you to store files at a job the customer can not see.

You may even eliminate the Files tab entirely if that is what is ideal for your job (exactly what they do not understand …).

Easily create and assign tasks, and arrange the sequence they will need to get accomplished.

TeamDeck - Time tracking made easy
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Dynamic dashboards and information placeholders let you tailor the customer experience to your mutual aims.

Organize tasks or supply updates front and center to mitigate panicked communications (nobody enjoys a 5 AM text burst ).

Possible to use exactly the identical dashboard for as many customers as you enjoy, and the info will adapt to reveal their distinctive data.

Produce dynamic dashboards to personalize the experience to your customer!

Document control with SuiteDash is the substance of fantasies.

Each customer has their own dedicated sharing folder, and you’ll be able to create sub-folders to keep things organized instantly.

Clients are advised when you discuss a folder or file, and whole folders can be downloaded as ZIP files.

Huge files? No issue. SuiteDash also has service for file sizes within a gigabyte.

Notifications allow you to know when documents are shared and offer real-time upgrades for your own project!

Possible to send out invoices and quotes to customers directly from your portal to streamline billing and templates which have segments for discounts and taxes.

Bills may be paid directly in SuiteDash via favored payment approaches –you can also set up recurring payments for subscription versions!

SuiteDash allows you to take control of CRM using customizable ingestion forms and information fields.

Depending on the settings you configure to your intake type, permissions are automatically assigned the minute that the form is filed.

Plus, upgrade forms let you follow current contacts to include more information on your profiles.

Use upgrade forms to swiftly alter client information and keep an eye on everything with lively placeholders.

Of all of the things you can find out, single-feature apps definitely should not occupy space in your mind. (Those stains are reserved for Paper facts as well as Harry Potter trivia, and that is fine .)

Save money, time, and energy by knocking out all your company needs with a single stage that does everything.

When it’s document sharing, invoicing, CRM, or job management, SuiteDash is completely stacked.